What is PAPI for PrEP?

by | Jun 26, 2020 | PrEP 101

PAPI for PrEP – so many Ps for a Person to Ponder. Let’s break it down.

You probably already know that PrEP stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. The PrE in Prep is short for Pre-Exposure, which means before one comes into contact with a virus. The last P in PreP stands for Prophylaxis, which means take action to prevent infection.   

So, now that we have the P’s in PrEP down, what’s up with the Ps in PAPI?

What is PAPI?

PAPI is a program offered by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) to encourage HIV prevention. The letters in PAPI stands for Prevention Assistance Program Interventions. That’s a mouthful – so we call it PAPI for short.  

We know that PrEP is great at preventing HIV, but it comes with a lot of costs. This is where PAPI steps in. Kind of like your Pappy, Papa, Pop, or Grandpop, this PAPI helps pay for things related to PrEP – such as copays, deductibles, prescription copays, lab fees, medical services, and even private insurance premiums. 

Now, this PAPI isn’t just going to hand over some dough, pat you on the head, and tell you to buy yourself something special. Nope, this PAPI has a few small chores you need to do first. 

So first thing first, you have to know if you qualify. 

You qualify if:

  • You live in Ohio
  • You are an HIV-negative 
  • Your annual income is less than $62,450 

Keep in mind:

  • You cannot be Medicaid eligible
  • You can be insured or uninsured
  • You are undocumented – that’s right, undocumented individuals are eligible, too. 

Next, you have to sign up. Yes, we know you have plans to sleep in, and you have Netflix to catch up on, but this won’t take long. We promise!

How long does it take to sign up for PAPI?

It only takes about 3,600 seconds, or an hour, to sign up. That is the same amount of time it takes you to eat an ice cream cone, get a manicure, or shake your booty to “I Feel Love” by Sam Smith fifteen times in a row. 

In that short period, a PrEP Navigator can enroll you in the program. (LINK TO HOME PAGE FOR ENROLLING IN THE PROGRAM) Depending on what type of assistance you’re looking for, your PrEP Navigator will also need documents from you, such as pay stubs, proof of insurance, a utility bill showing where you live, etc. 

Where can I sign up for PAPI?

If you’re ready to enroll, start by going to https://ohiv.org.

You can also talk to someone about enrolling in PAPI or taking PrEP, by calling the Ohio HIV/STI Hotline: 1-800-332-2437. 

Have questions?

If you’ve got more questions about PrEP, it’s easy to get answers. Just text or call the Cleveland PrEP Navigators:

AKeem Rollins, MetroHealth – Call or Text 216.714.2223

Fiona Allan, University Hospitals
Call 216.286.7737

Email Fiona at UH for PrEP

Email Fiona at UH for PrEP