Foods that will improve your sex drive and sex life!

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Sex and PrEP

If you’ve taken a health class back in school, you know how important food and nutrition are. But what you probably haven’t heard much talk about are foods that turn you on. ??

I mean, who doesn’t like a little afternoon snack? ?  

And trust us when we tell you that foods definitely can be one of the biggest turn-ons for you and your boo.

If you haven’t tried foreplay with foods, we highly recommend it! Here are a few of our favorites that not only are packed with nutrients but can also improve your sex drive (and make your boo super horny!) ?

From A-Z, here are some of our fav sex foods!

Avocados: So first off, who doesn’t love some avocado toast, amirite?! The shape and texture of avocados are undeniably sexy, and they are packed with vitamin E, which is associated with fertility for both sexes! Pretty cool, huh?

Almonds: Any type of nut has high omega-3 that will help you feel good, and the thought of nuts is sexy because…well, nuts. ?

Basil: The fresh, sensual fragrance of basil is a turn on for many, and it’s a super tasty herb you can incorporate in most recipes!

Chocolate: Ohhhhh, chocolate. I think this goes without saying, as it’s a universal food that deserves its own love language. I mean, seriously – chocolate is the main ingredient for sex if you use it right. It’s the center of Valentine’s Day and any other lovey-dovey holiday. Chocolate has a chemical composition with feel-good compounds that are released that naturally make you feel connected and closer to your boo. It’s called Theobromine, which is similar to caffeine, but it’s said to have mood-boosting ? tendencies! All in all, chocolate triggers those endorphins and dopamine to make you horny and happy. Can you tell we are a big fan of chocolate? ?? 

And just because we love chocolate that much, here are a few of our favorite sexy chocolate foods you should most def try….like, tonight!

  1. Chocolate covered strawberries (um, holy yum and holy sexy!)
  2. Whipped cream, melted chocolate, and mixed berries…. ?
  3. Hersey’s chocolate bar. Who doesn’t love a simple chocolate bar?
  4. Chocolate martini! ? 

Pomegranate: Cut one of these bad boys down the middle and it’s automatically sexy. The colors! The fragrance! The shape! It all screams sexy! This bright and vibrant fruit is considered a “food of love,” with its resemblance to a vagina and delicious taste. ?  Oh, and did we mention that it’s high in antioxidants and has recently been proven to increase testosterone and sex drive for both men and women? Eat it fresh or drink it as a juice. Either way, make sure to add a juicy pomegranate to your grocery list this week!

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Which foods are you going to try with your boo? ? We hope these foods are sexy for you and boo the next time you are gettin’ it on. Let us know which foods you tried, or if there are any we didn’t mention that you’ve noticed are an aphrodisiac food! In the meantime, enjoy spicing up your sex life (and gettin’ healthy at the same time! Double win!).

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