How Communication about PrEP can enhance your sex life

by | Feb 12, 2021 | Sex and PrEP

With the hustle and bustle of work, catching up on reruns of your favorite shows, following Chrissy Teigen on Twitter, or trying to have a peaceful morning drinking your morning tea, sex can fall low on the priority list.

It’s time to make it a priority. But before you do the nasty, let’s backtrack a bit.

PrEP has taken center stage when it comes to safe sex. So, for couples, it’s super important you talk to your partner about where you both stand with PrEP before gettin’ it on.

PrEP is a game-changer in more ways than one, but we totally get how talking about sex and PrEP can feel like the “safe sex” talk you had in high school.

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But it’s a necessary talk to have with your partner if you are serious about sex, and we are here to give you some talking points and how it can even spice up your sex life!

So how can communication about PrEP enhance your sex life? Good question. Healthy communication can help create an environment where both people are free to open up, share, discuss, debate, and even offend without the other feeling the need to retaliate. It gives you both a feeling of freedom to speak your mind without fear. Communication is all about feeling heard and understood. And there isn’t anything sexier than that feeling, y’all!

First, make sure to talk about PrEP with your partner. Making sure you and your partner are on the same page about PrEP is sexxxxxyyyyy. That’s right- it’s sexy! Why? How? Because it means your partner cares about keeping you both safe to do all those naughty things you wanna do. And trust us when we say there is nothing sexier than that!

Consider the PrEP conversation a work in progress chat. Ahh, patience is a virtue, y’all. When chatting about PrEP, make sure to give your partner the time and space they need to work through any concerns. But always make sure to keep the conversation going if necessary. By talking through these issues, you both are able to break down those vulnerable walls and build trust and intimacy.

Why are you considering PrEP? Sorry y’all, but this is a question you won’t be able to weasel your way out of. If you’re going to start this conversation, be prepared for this question. It might not be the sexiest conversation, but it sure will build trust in your relationship when the time comes to get it on! 

Remember, communication is key to a healthy relationship, and that includes a healthy sex life. When you talk about PrEP, you are exploring ways to better connect your mind and body with one another on a deeper level. So, get it on, but make sure to talk it out first.

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