How many sex partners are too many? The answer is simple and is between zero and infinity. There is no specific number of sexual partners that is considered to be a lot or too many. We aren’t keeping count. But if you’re keeping track, please, by all means, continue.

The number of sex partners you have isn’t that important. What is most important is how you navigate your needs, wants, and consent. These factors matter whether you’re having a super dry season or if The Weather Girls are serving as your personal theme music. ?????????

Our society sends a message that monogamy is the best way to go. However, monogamy isn’t one-size-fits-all. Commitment doesn’t require monogamy. Having multiple partners shouldn’t come with shame.

Some people aren’t interested in commitment and prefer casual sex. And some committed people enjoy casual sex, too. It’s not black and white.

Ask yourself if you are in control of your sex life. The number may be high for an old-school Aunt Debbie, but that’s her. If it works for you, enjoy yourself and be safe.

    But wait… how many sex partners lead to HIV?

    Having sex will always put you at risk for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. The more sex, the more risk. The more you engage in risky sex, the bigger the risk you take.

    Having more sexual partners carries more risk because there is a greater chance a partner doesn’t know their health status and can end up transmitting a sexually transmitted infection (STI) to you. If you are at risk of getting an STI, you are also at a higher risk of getting HIV. Having a sore or break in the skin from an STI also allows HIV to enter your body easily. And certain STIs can make it easier to get HIV, such as herpes.

    There are many ways to reduce your risk of getting HIV: choosing less risky sexual behaviors, using condoms with lubricants ☔? , and PrEP ?. PrEP is a medication that, when taken as prescribed, reduces your chances of catching HIV by 99%. You “pop” it once a day “to block” ??✋? HIV.

    Here’s the cool thing: our PrEP Navigators, Akeem and Fiona, are here to help you with financial assistance so you can get PrEP for FREE (or for really cheap).  Check them out in the side bar. ??????

    How many sex partners suggest compulsive sex behavior?

    A compulsive sex urge shouldn’t be confused with enjoying sex with multiple people. What matters is whether or not you have control over your behaviors. A lack of control can damage your self-esteem, job, relationships, career, and health. Only you know if you’re uncomfortable with the number of sexual partners you have or the amount of sex you’re having. Seek help if you feel you’ve lost control of your sexual behavior, especially if your behavior causes problems for you or other people.

    So how many sex partners…?

    We really don’t care how many notches you have on your bedpost. Just do what works for you in a healthy and safe way.

    Have questions?

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