How PrEP might affect your relationship, life, and love

by | Nov 5, 2020 | PrEP 101, Sex and PrEP

PrEP is kinda, sorta, really amazing. This little blue pill not only prevents the chances of getting HIV by up to 99% but has an impact on all aspects of life. Love, sex, relationships, you name it. How so, you ask? We gotchuuuu covered, boo.

PrEP improves intimacy

Yes— that’s right! A lot of people toss the condoms aside to be more intimate with their partner. (And let us preface; although PrEP prevents HIV, it does not prevent pregnancy or other STIs like condoms do.) By having the freedom to have raw sex without the risk of transmitting HIV, many couples feel more intimate with their partners.

But that’s not all! A lot of couples prefer to be in open relationships. PrEP lets partners open their relationship without the risk of bringing HIV from other sexual partners into the relationship. So get it on with how many people you want!

It cranks up the sexual pleasure

Who wouldn’t want to feel more pleasure? By taking PrEP, you have the freedom to go bareback or be the receiving partner without the anxiety of HIV. We all know that being able to feel everything makes sex feel even more incredible (are anyone else’s mouths watering just thinking about it? ?). If you plan on having barrier-free sex, though, consider you and your partner get tested for other STIs before having sex. If you plan on having barrier-free sex and want to prevent pregnancy, your healthcare provider can help you find the best birth control method for you (there are tons of them out there other than the pill!).

PrEP reduces anxiety, stress, and worry

We all know the feeling… we matched with that hottie Travis from Jack’d, met up one night at his place, and well, you don’t want to hear the rest. ? And then the next day it hits: We didn’t use a condom, and we don’t know if he had anything. Wellll…. shit. And we all know it only spirals from there, worrying until we get tested and our results come back, thinking every ache, pain, and chill is a symptom of an STI. By taking PrEP, you won’t have the added worry and anxiety during or after sex that your partner may have given you HIV. And instead of being stressed, you can focus on what feels good. ??

Get PrEP for FREE (or really cheap)

PrEP makes an impact on all aspects of life, from our sex life to our mental health. If you want to learn more about if PrEP is a good option for you, reach out to one of our PrEP Navigators, Deemyi or AKeem, to discuss your options. We want you to be as safe as can be while you’re also being freaky as can be!

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