Tips for finding the right doctor for you

by | May 15, 2021 | PrEP 101, Talking to Your Doctor

Finding a doctor that works for you can incredibly hard to do. Like, can there just be a Tinder app for doctors?! ? We wishhhhh! Sigh.?

It might not be THAT easy (wishful thinking amirite?! ?), but we definitely have some tips and tricks up our sleeves we wanna share with you so you can find a trusted doctor to help you get the care you need to continue living your best life – no matter what! We always gotchuuuu! ?

1. Ask about PrEP

Come on, you have to know we were going to bring up PrEP! ? If you don’t know by now, PrEP is where it’s at, y’all! PrEP is short for pre-exposure prophylaxis, which is a once-a-day pill to prevent you from getting infected with HIV. Its side effects are minimal, and it’s very easy to get. If you need help finding the right PrEP doctor or want to learn more, hit us up! We have all of the hooks ups and will make sure you are taken care of!

2. Make sure your doctor is knowledgeable about ALL health care issues, including LGBTQ care

This is important and a make it or break it when finding the right doctor. You want to make sure you are in the best possible hands when searching for a doctor, so make sure you interview possible candidates. Make a list of questions and have it handy. Ask them if they are up-to-date on transgender issues, LGBTQ issues, training, and know where to access important resources. It might sound silly, but remember, you want an all-inclusive doctor and doesn’t discriminate.  Plus, you want a health care provider who is willing and able to keep you educated on all the health and risk factors associated with your HIV status and other health issues.

3. Schedule a consultation

Whether you schedule this virtually or in-person, this is super important. Think of it as a first date. You want to meet this person, get to know them, ask them questions, and address concerns you may have. Yeah, we know it sounds kind of silly, but trust us – this will definitely help your decision when shopping around for the right doctor. Just like any other relationship, you want to make sure you connect with your doctor because you want to feel comfortable opening up about your health.

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4. Does it feel right?

Only you will know this answer.❤️ You know the saying: “when you know, you know.” That goes for this, too. Make a pros and cons list of the doctors you’ve met with. On that list, include the vibes and feelings you got when you spoke or met with that doctor. That speaks volumes, y’all! In other words – trust your gut! If you got some good vibes from a particular doctor you met with, you might have found your perfect match! Woohoo!! ?

5. Put yourself first!

We know this entire process can be overwhelming when it comes to finding the right doctor who cares and wants the best for you and your overall health. But we can’t stress enough how important it is to simply be yourself during your search. We are so proud of you for taking the next step to prioritize yourself and your health needs! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need some additional tips or help. Our PrEP Navigators can refer you to any doctor of your choosing—even if they aren’t part of the MetroHealth or University Hospital systems—while also providing you with PrEP navigation services. Remember what we said earlier? We ALWAYS gotchu!! ?❤️

Ask for help connecting to a doctor for PrEP.

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