The importance of being convenient

by | Jun 30, 2021 | PrEP 101

COVID-19 changed society as we know it. Although there has been extreme devastation we’ve experienced first-hand by living through it, there have been ways of life that have been made to be…well, easier.

Services such as Amazon, UberEats, Grubhub, and PostMates have blown up in popularity and made it so simple that we can have whatever we desire brought to our doorstep with the touch of a button in our own home (and an extra fee).

Living through the inconvenience of our favorite stores and restaurants being closed meant that America had to adapt and adapt quickly to the lifestyle we expect here in the U.S. Now that the pandemic is starting to fizzle, Americans will expect that same convenience we were shown during COVID-19.

PrEP Navigators have your back

What does this have to do with PrEP? Well, let’s face it. If PrEP is a hassle to deal with, we won’t be able to end HIV. Here in America-we are BUSY. With work, family, and hey, we like our Netflix time too! If PrEP is too much paperwork, financial stress, and just an overall huge time commitment-more people will ignore it and risk getting HIV. And that, my friends, is where the PrEP Navigators come in.

You may think, well, if my nurse and doctor are my PrEP care, what is the point of having a navigator? I like to think of a PrEP Navigator like a PrEP Case Manager. We make both the patients’ and providers’ lives easier by doing all the extra work that comes outside of the doctor’s office. Navigators assess barriers to PrEP such as financial issues, social issues, and even emotional concerns that may arise when starting PrEP.

We are here to make your life easier by scheduling all of your labs and visits, getting PrEP costs down, and ensuring you that PrEP is a personal choice that involves prioritizing and bettering your health. We remind you of your appointments, offer transportation assistance, and communicate with your provider about any concerns you may have before your next visit.
So the next time you think PrEP sounds like too much of a hassle to start, remember, you have PrEP Navigators that are there for you—and they are here to make PrEP as convenient as possible for you so that you can still enjoy life and protect yourself against HIV.

Ready to get going with PreP?

Call 216-286-7737 to be connected to a Navigator at University Hospitals Cleveland—even if you are not a patient/do not set up your appointment here, you can still receive PrEP Financial Navigation Services! (Appointment Scheduling and Reminders only available at the Clinic you go to for your PrEP Care).

Call 216-714-2223 for Navigator at Metro Health.


Have questions?

If you’ve got more questions about PrEP, it’s easy to get answers. Just text or call the Cleveland PrEP Navigators:

AKeem Rollins, MetroHealth – Call or Text 216.714.2223

Fiona Allan, University Hospitals – Call 216.286.7737

Email AKeem at Metro for PrEP

Email Fiona at UH for PrEP