Scheduling your first prep visit is both exciting and nerve wracking. Finding the right building, meeting your new provider, getting bloodwork, and starting a new medication can be overwhelming-but that’s where the beauty of having a prep navigator comes in. If you schedule your visit at University Hospitals or Metro Health we are here to ensure you are fully prepared for your visit. We can answer any questions you have before you come in and during your visit. We can provide you with directions, talk more about the provider you’ll see, explain what lab work will be done, and educate on PrEP and how it works. Unlike other clinics, you’ll have that personal touch to guide you through and help you be ready for your first appointment and follow up appointments. Think of it like a concierge!
Another great thing about prep navigation services is that we’re there for you when it comes to one of the most stressful parts of healthcare: the cost. Depending on your insurance, prep navigators can help you get a co pay card to pay for your prep pills when you’re at the pharmacy, and are there for you to a back you up if the pharmacist is giving you any trouble. The financial assistance doesn’t stop there- if you qualify, we’ll apply you for co pay assistance programs to cover the cost of the visit that your insurance doesn’t. Even if you don’t have insurance we can still get your prep care covered through state assistance programs-and assist you with enrolling in insurance on the open marketplace in the fall!
If you’re experiencing any kind of anxiety about calling for your first prep appointment-first off we understand. Thankfully, there’s prep navigators like us to empower you through your sexual health journey and advocate for you every step of the way!ings.

Have questions?

If you’ve got more questions about PrEP, it’s easy to get answers. Just text or call the Cleveland PrEP Navigators:

AKeem Rollins, MetroHealth – Call or Text 216.714.2223

Fiona Allan, University Hospitals
Call 216.286.7737

PrEP Navigator at MetroHealth

cell: 216.714.2223

PrEP & Trans Care Navigator
office: 216-77-TRANS (778-7267)
cell: 216-538-6912

PrEP Navigator at UH

cell: 216-538-6912